Arcana's Sayge

Heaven's Fate

By Andre Alan

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Winter's Legacy

Thame Elliot is Winter’s Legacy. On the planet Threa, in the human continent of Eioda, Thame is the one man everyone believes is prophesied to overthrow evil. Starting his journey to re-forge the Tundra Sword, a powerful relic from a time when demi-gods walked the planet, he is launched down a path that will either see him victorious as the hero or as the destroyer and the bringer of darkness. 
With the powerful ancient artifacts recovered from the Consummate of the Trust, events have been set in motion that will determine the fate of the heavens.

The Heaven's Trilogy continues to chronicle the journey of Thame Elliot as he navigates the path of a for-told prophet. 

With the magically enchanted Tundra Sword at Thame's side, he must stop his evil twin, Miles Xavier from covering the world in darkness. 

Thame Elliot is a dead man with a burden to bear so heavy, he comes back to the living world.

The humans must cooperate with the long lived races to try and overcome their differences and work together to save the world.