Power Array saga

the sword & the peach

Travel with Momoratu across the Elven lands of Aver and unlock the void.

 -   Power Array Saga - Season I - Complete

- Power Array Saga - Season 2 - Complete

- Power Array Saga - Season 3 - Complete

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Bygone Times saga

 - 4 Tales - 1 epic fantasy

Discover the world of Threa through the eyes of the people that walked the land. Learn to fear the Ura. Read about the rise of the Demonology King. Witness the birth of the Succubus Queen. Unlock the hidden magic that lay deep within.

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Win on the run

Winnie Nikoli and her son Marvel love each other very much. They are so tied together that even their blood can counteract the others. That also makes them wanted criminals. It is hard enough being a single parent but when your blood has the potential to be a weapon of mass destruction and your son's blood is the only thing that can fix it..., then you have to Win on the Run.

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