Heaven's Fate

By Andre Alan


The critically acclaimed debut science fiction and fantasy novel is available in Hardcover or EBook at the following locations:


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Book 2 in the Heaven's Trilogy continues to chronicle the journey of Thame Elliot as he navigates the path of a for-told prophet. 

Thame Elliot is the Legacy of Winter and with the magically enchanted Tundra Sword at his side, he must stop his evil twin, Miles Xavier from covering the world in darkness. Thame lost his mother before he was born and lost his father to betrayal at the age

of ten. Now, they get the chance to meet each other and become a family. 

The Orcs and Dark Elves have formed an alliance and with the help of the other evil races on planet Threa like the Goblins, Trolls and Frost Giants plan to end the humans, Elves, Gnomes and Dwarves once and for all.

​Despite all of these threats, Thame must also protect his new family on Threa where his wife and baby girl are under the constant threat of death because of their bloodline and status. Thame must not only try to keep his growing family safe but also try to save the world from the coming war.